PML-N senator tells poll observers party not being provided ‘level playing field’ | Pakistan Today

PML-N senator tells poll observers party not being provided ‘level playing field’

  •  Mushahid Hussain seeks free, fair and transparent polls for credible democracy in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Central Media Committee Chairman Senator Mushahid Hussain Sayed told the Commonwealth Election Observers that the party was not being provided ‘a level playing field’ in the upcoming polls.

He was briefing the 20-member Commonwealth Election Observers delegation headed by the former Nigerian president and presented three documents to them citing facts to prove his assertion. Senator Nuzhat Sadiq was also present at the meeting.

These documents included a fact sheet on “Murder of Justice”, which is a recounting of the trial and conviction of Nawaz Sharif.

He said, “On page 171 of the accountability court judgment delivered on July 6, Nawaz Sharif has been acquitted of any charges of corruption, commission or kickbacks, under Section 9(A)IV of the NAB law.”

He further stated that Sharif was, however, convicted of having “assets beyond his sources of income”, although neither the assets and their value has been specified, nor his income had been cited.

The senator also presented the fact sheet on “Uneven Playing Field”, where specific facts have been listed to show how the “PML-N has been targeted in a systematic and sustained manner”.

Senator Mushahid cited examples referring to the “peaceful and mammoth rally of Lahore on July 13 to welcome the former prime minister, after which false cases of terrorism were slapped on 18 top leaders and activists of the PML-N including Shahbaz Sharif as well as Marriyum Aurangzeb”.

The senator continued to say, “16,868 workers and leaders had cases registered against them which is an all-time record in the history of Pakistan.”

It was brought to notice that the caretaker government barred the PML-N rally to be aired on television and all cellular signals were suspended in the city.

Senator Mushahid Hussain also briefed the election observers on the “Anti-Rigging System (ARS)” which the PML-N has established formulated to expose and prevent rigging so as to ensure free, fair and transparent polls.

The Commonwealth Election Observers expressed interest in the ARS terming it as a “unique system that a political party had formulated for the first time ever”.

“PML-N is committed to promote, preserve and protect democracy so that the sanctity of the ballot and supremacy of parliament, the two pillars of democracy, have a secured foundation,” Mushahid said.

Senator Mushahid and Nuzhat briefed the observers on the “role of women in the politics of Pakistan” as well.

They thanked the delegation to show interest in promoting democracy in Pakistan and ensuring a transparent electoral process leading up to a vote on July 25 in a free and fair manner.