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Bilour family returns compensational cheque to govt

PESHAWAR: The widow of late Awami National Pakistan (ANP) leader Shaheed Haroon Bilour has returned the compensational cheque of the provincial government and clarified that Bilour had rendered the sacrifice of his life for sake of the country.

The provincial government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa on Thursday issued compensational cheques to the heirs of the victims of the Yakatoot tragedy in which a cheque of Rs 0.5 million was sent to the widow of ANP leader and candidate from PK-78, Haroon Bilour, which was returned to the provincial government.

Mrs. Haroon Bilour has said that Bilour family had always shown bravery against terrorism and her father-in-law, Bashir Ahmad Bilour was martyred in the cowardice act of terrorists while her husband had also become a victim of terrorism.

However, she said Bilour family would not be frightened through such cowardice acts and would battle terrorists with courage and bravery.

She said her husband had sacrificed her life for the country and termed his martyrdom precious.

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