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Jibran Nasir vows to stand his ground against extremism

Rights activist and independent candidate from Karachi’s NA-247 constituency, Jibran Nasir on Wednesday said he could not be forced to change his stance against religious extremism.

Responding to allegations of blasphemy levelled against him by some extremist outfits, Nasir tweeted: “The peaceful people of Delhi Colony were defamed by some propagandists who created a mob made blasphemy allegations. We didn’t back down and we won’t back down. We take pride that the extremist considers us their ideological opposition and are scared of us.”

In a video message attached to his tweet, the rights activist said that no other candidate across the country has been asked such questions.

“I know the people behind this as they were not happy from the response we got in early days of my campaign,” he said, adding that our youth is been put on the wrong path as nobody is ready to talk on real issues Pakistan is facing.

“Our society has been taught that Islam is in danger although we have mosques, shrines and Imam Bargahs in almost every corner of Pakistan, still Islam is somehow in danger,” Nasir said, adding he is not afraid of such tactics.

“People from religious parties are especially coming to my corner meetings and I am proud of it, although I am an independent candidate and a newcomer in politics but they feel threatened from me,” he said.

“I am standing on my stance,” he said, adding that although people like him are few but they are firm on what they believe.

Earlier, a person interrupted Jibran Nasir during his corner meeting and put blasphemy allegations on him, stating he has been defending the people who are involved in blasphemy.

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