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White Lies

Well, it’s out, Reham Khan’s much awaited book is.

It started doing the rounds on the WhatsApp and everyone and their uncle Shakeel started forwarding the PDF file to each other.

Large parts of the book are in quite bad taste. A lot of the tidbits are most probably false, specially the bits when the words allegedly used by Imran Khan come across as those of a one-dimensional villain of a cheap paperback.

Other parts are embarrassingly plausible. The ex’s drug habit is said to be an open secret in the capital. His bisexual penchants, however, have never gotten much traction in the rumour mills.

The book needed to have had some sub-editing and even some re-writing.

But conspicuous in their absence were some offensive bits that the likes of Hamza Ali Abbasi had been creating a ruckus over.

If the lady’s plan was never to include those bits in the book but put them out into the open anyway, then she’s smarter than she lets on.


As usual, the PTI’s fashionistas starting taking apart the returning Maryam Nawaz Sharif’s clothing items and putting a price value on the ensemble. They weren’t quite off the mark. The lady likes the finer things, that one remaining aspect of her personality that she needs to jettison if she wants to be taken seriously.

But they’re not stopping there. They’re saying that the city of Lahore was not blocked, as was being claimed by the League. Then, after images of containers blocking some major arteries and the city’s points of entry went around on social media, they started saying that not much of a crowd had gathered. When images and videos of a large crowd went about, they started saying the rally led by Shehbaz Sharif won’t make it to the airport on time. Here, at least, they were right.