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Hajj flight operation begins from Karachi, Islamabad

KARACHI: The Hajj flight operation began on Saturday as Pakistan International Airlines’ (PIA) flights carrying pilgrims from Karachi and Islamabad landed in Medina.

PIA’s first Hajj flight, PK-7001, with 300 pilgrims departed around 2:25am from Jinnah International Airport, Karachi and landed in Medina at around 6:25am PST.

Further, the national carrier’s second Hajj flight from Islamabad with 327 pilgrims on board also reached Medina.

Hajj flights are also scheduled to depart from Peshawar, Lahore, and Sukkur today.

From Multan, the first Hajj flight is set to depart on July 15 and from Faisalabad on July 17.

A spokesperson for the Ministry of Religious Affairs and Interfaith Harmony said the flight operations under the government Hajj scheme will continue from today (July 14) till August 15 while operations for the return of pilgrims will begin from August 28.

A total 1,550 pilgrims will depart from major cities of the country on the first and second day of the operation, the spokesperson said.

“The intending pilgrims under the government scheme can check their flight schedule on the official website of the ministry,” the spokesperson added.

Pilgrims have been directed to reach the Hajj training camp two days before their departure, he said adding that their vaccination has already begun.

Passports, tickets and identification lockets would be provided to pilgrims at their respective Hajj camps, the spokesperson said.

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