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Author Paulo Coelho sends blessings to Malala

RIO DE JANEIRO: Pakistani activist and a strong supporter of human rights, Malala Yousafzai, is currently touring Brazil, marking her first visit to Latin America, to kick off the expansion of her education charity. As she arrived in Rio De Janeiro, famed author Paulo Coelho tweeted a message of welcome to her and sent good wishes her way.

“Welcome to my country, Malala and Ziauddin Yousafzai. May your words be heard, may your example be followed,” Coehla tweeted.

While in Brazil, Malala decided to host an interactive session on Twitter where users could connect with her using the #AskMalala hashtag.

In response to this, Paulo wrote, “I do not want to ask anything, but to say loud to clear THANK YOU. You are an example for children, teenagers and adults alike. May your path be blessed.”

Hence, it was no surprise when Malala responded to the author with a tweet that read, “Paulo, your words have inspired me for many years. I am so often asked my favourite book and I always say ‘The Alchemist’.”

“I’m so honoured to be in your beautiful country,” she signed off.

Malala is currently touring Brazil, the region’s largest economy, to advocate for more public spending on education. The country recently passed a constitutional amendment freezing federal spending in real terms for two decades in order to reduce public debt.

She also hopes to have an estimated 1.5 million girls return to the classroom, with a special focus on minority groups that lag behind white children on key indicators like literacy and secondary school completion.

Responding to other users, the Nobel laureate, also imparted some great words of wisdom.

“I always tell girls not to think they need to be adults to be leaders. Girls should tell their leaders what they need to achieve their goals and continue to use their voices until they are heard. Never give up,” she wrote.

Malala also detailed on her meeting with “girl footballers on the beach” in Brazil’s capital.

“They tell me that sport helps them deal with difficulties in their lives and gives them confidence. We should support women athletes so girls have more role models.”

She also spoke about her time in the Latin American country.

“I loved Salvador! We spent a great time walking the streets, meeting people, learning about their stories and listening to incredible music.”

Malala was made the world’s youngest Nobel laureate in 2014 for her work with her foundation. A Taliban gunman shot her in the head in 2012 over her blog advocating girls’ education.

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