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PPP demands transfer of ‘biased’ admin and police

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan People’s Party candidate for NA-53 Syed Sibtul Haider Bukhari has demanded action against ‘biased’ conduct of the administration and the police in his constituency.

In his letter, he wrote that his banners and posters were being taken away from the entire constituency despite they were according to the code of conduct issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan. He also wrote that the administration, on the other hand, was totally ignoring violations of code of conduct by two other candidates – former prime minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi and PTI Chairman Imran Khan.

He also wrote that the development works by the union councils chairmen were in full swing which is also violative of the ECP code of conduct. He pointed out that financial help was also being distributed by the Zakat and reconciliation committees as bribe in elections.

Sibtul Haider Bukhari demanded to transfer of all senior police officers, biased members of the district administration and suspension of Zakat and reconciliation committees.


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