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PTI’s digital app to allow voters to directly reach Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Social Media Secretary Arslan Khalid said that in order to reach out to voters the party is turning towards digital apps where voters will be able to send a message to Imran Khan directly, reported a local media outlet.

He said, “The ‘one click to Imran Khan’ app will allow voters to [directly] send a message to the leader about key issues in their area.”

“Every day, the best five to six questions will be shortlisted and Imran Khan will call the selected users to address their concerns,” PTI’s social media secretary explained.

Moreover, Khalid also said, “Other parties are spending millions on sponsored posts and their digital campaign and Facebook has restricted organic reach recently which requires one to pay to reach a wider audience.”

“This is growing a concern for us [PTI] since we have not allocated a budget to social media,” he further added.

On the other hand, Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) is making full use of the internet and social media in light of the upcoming general elections.

The PPP’s social media digital cell has been established inside the Bilawal house.

A member of the cell said, “This time though, there is more competition and it’s all about how innovative and effective your communication strategy is.”

He also said that the PPP had created a database of 2.5 million members and operates 190 Whatsapp groups.

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