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Farhan Saeed’s PTI song is an ode to Imran Khan

When singer Farhan Saeed announced that he will be composing the official election song for Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf (PTI), waves of excitement hit all those who were fans of both the parties. Everyone was looking forward to this collaboration and Saeed had commented that the song was based on “Imran Khan’s vision for what he believes he will do for Pakistan if he comes to power.”

The track, titled ‘Ab sirf Imran Khan‘ released on Thursday and we can see Farhan stayed true to his words.

The track is soft and melodious with a hopeful and positive tune to it. Farhan says that the number is an inspiration from many of Imran Khan’s speeches and messages.

Directed by Murtaza Marri, the video features people from different walks of life, such as vendors, farmers, construction workers and children playing on the streets. The video also shows Khan in various settings.

Sharing the song on social media, Farhan voiced his support for PTI writing, “Humbled, honoured, touched. Pakistan owes you for everything you have done, especially giving the youth immense hope and passion for a New Pakistan. Thank you Imran Khan!”

Earlier, Farhan on this collaboration had said, “I believe that the song stands for a better Pakistan and I really pray that its lyrics translate into reality.”

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