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Surveys predict close-run between PTI, PML-N in 2018 elections

LAHORE: Although Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is ahead of all other political parties in terms of the overall support among the masses across the country, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) is quickly gaining ground with increasing prominence, surveys conducted by Gallup Pakistan, Pulse Consultant and IPOR concluded.

Results of Gallup, Pulse surveys for 2018 polls.


As far as provincial following is concerned, the polls revealed that PML-N remains the preferred party among voters in the largest province. However, PTI has gained moment and narrowed the gap with the passage of time.

IPOR poll, which focused only Punjab, found 51 per cent of respondents voting for the PML-N while 30 per cent confirming their vote for the PTI. 5 per cent of the respondents selected the PPP for 2018 polls.


PTI remains the dominant party for voters in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP), while PPP is ahead in Sindh. Both Gallup and Pulse converged that PTI could sweep the provincial seats in KP with 57 per cent support. PML-N and JUI-F were found to have lesser supporters than PTI.


In Balochistan, there is a mixed support of three parties – PPP, MMA/JUI-F/PTI. PPP is the preferred party for voters in Balochistan in the Pulse survey. MMA and JUI-F are ahead of other parties, according to Gallup.


The PPP remained the most preferred party in Sindh in both Gallup and Pulse polls. They found no change in voter preference for the party from 2017 as 44 per cent of the voters still expressed that they would vote for the party. The PTI’s popularity among voters changed very little while 4 per cent said they would be voting for the PML-N in the province. The surveys concluded that the people of Sindh have remained loyal to the PPP.

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