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Indian envoy hopes for improvement in ties post-elections

ISLAMABAD: Indian High Commissioner Ajay Bisaria on Thursday said that relations between Pakistan and India will improve after General Elections 2018 which are scheduled to be held on July 25.

While addressing a seminar in Islamabad, he said, “We hope that Pak-India relations will improve following the general elections in Pakistan.” He added that both countries have had strained relations since 1999.

Referring to the agreement which was announced through a statement simultaneously issued by the Foreign Office (FO) and the Indian Ministry of External Affairs in March earlier this year, he said, “There has been a mutual contract to not harass diplomats from either side.” The statement said that Pakistan and India have mutually agreed to resolve matters related to the treatment of diplomats and diplomatic premises, in line with the 1992 Code of Conduct for treatment of diplomatic/consular personnel in Pakistan and India.

He also said that both countries considered poverty to be their mutual enemy and the people of both countries do not harbour feelings of hatred for each other.

The Indian high commissioner emphasised the need for taking baby steps in order to improve the relations between the neighbouring countries.

He further said, “The truth is that terrorist events hindered the talks between the two countries.”

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