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Escort reacted after Jibran Nasir blocked judge’s vehicle, says probe

KARACHI: The probe into the alleged beating of rights-activist-turned-politician Jibran Nisar by Sindh High Court judge’s security escort suggested that this was a ‘road rage’ incident, a local media house reported.

The police received two separate complaints before starting a probe into the matter.

District South SSP Omar Shahid Hamid quote by the media outlet stated, “The escort reacted after Nasir blocked the judge’s vehicle, who is already facing terror threats.”

It was further reported that due to security threats the escort reacted the way he did, but the judge asked him to release Nasir after he identified himself, adding that this was not a matter of VIP protocol.

The officer said the rights activist might be attempting to play up the incident to gain public sympathy as he is running in the elections.

Nasir, however, expressed his anger over the police findings. “I’m not doing this for publicity and it has no links with my political campaign. False allegations are being levelled against me. The police officers who believe it was an incident of road rage should be ashamed.”

He also demanded the release of CCTV footage of the incident.

The human rights lawyer was beaten up by the judge’s protocol and detained by police on Monday evening for “refusing to give way to the judge’s security protocol” in Karachi.

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