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Imran Khan: From playboy to ‘prayboy’

Few could have predicted that the former playboy cricketer Imran Khan, who bowed out from the international party scene when he married the heiress Jemima Goldsmith in 1995, would have become a political animal of the most zealous kind but now more than that his ‘prayboy’ persona has taken many by surprise.

With general elections right around the corner, the PTI chief has not only gone to Saudi Arabia to perform Umrah but also visited the shrine of Sufi Saint Baba Farid Ganjshakar Wednesday night along with his wife Bushra Maneka

In a video on social media, the PTI chief can be seen coming to shrine along with his wife and party workers. He kissed the doorstep of the shrine before entering it.

Khan offered Fateha and laid a floral wreath on the grave of the saint. He spent some time at the shrine. His wife Bushra Maneka also performed the act of placing a Chaddar at the shrine of the saint.


Imran Khan was welcomed at the shrine by  Dewan Azmat Said Mohammad Chishti, the PTI candidate for the PP-192 constituency.

Dewan Ahmed, the custodian of the shrine, performed the traditional activities for PTI chief during the visit.

Imran’s wife also spreads flowers in front of the popular Bahishti Darwaza (the door of paradise) at the Sufi saint’s shrine, while Imran distributed sweets and edibles.

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