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Shehbaz endorses formation of national govt post-polls

  • PML-N chief, however, says party is ultimate decision-maker in this regard
  • Says instead of solely focussing on controversial Kalabagh Dam, smaller dams need to be constructed  

KARACHI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) President Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday hinted at the formation of a national government if his party is voted into power, again, in the upcoming general elections even with an overwhelming majority.

However, it is just a personal opinion and the party may not agree with it being the ultimate decision-maker, the former Punjab CM clarified while speaking to journalists during his two-day long visit to Karachi.

“Although I am the PML-N chief, the party may not endorse my opinion,” said Shehbaz. He further said in case the PML-N is unable to form a government in the Centre, it will cooperate with other political parties.

He also highlighted the water crisis that plagues the country, saying the debate on Kalabagh dam is pointless if the consensus eludes it.

“Debate on Kalabagh Dam is pointless, as long as all the parties do not agree on this, it cannot be constructed,” he added. Though there is a need to build dams to tackle the water crisis, our focus should be on building smallers dams.

Commenting on the construction of Bhasha Dam, he said the top priority of the next government will be to build Bhasha Dam.

“We have prepared a feasibility for the construction of Bhasha Dam as it is the best way to address the water scarcity issue,” he said as he stressed on the need to build smaller dams. Pakistan will be destroyed if it depends on India for water, he went on to say.

Touting his party for the developmental work it did across the country, he said the PML-N government generated at least 10,000MW of electricity over the last five years.

He said he would turn Karachi into Lahore by addressing the city’s civic needs and law and order issues.

Separately, Shehbaz met a delegation of minorities’ representatives of the city as well. He was presented a shield by the Sikh community during the meeting.

The PML-N chief is on a two-day visit to the metropolis to launch the PML-N’s election campaign. On his arrival to the metropolitan on Monday, the PML-N president promised development and prosperity for the city. He vowed to resolve the city’s critical issues if PML-N comes into power again.

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