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VIDEO: When Michael Jackson Moon Walked for first time

Michael Jackson’s 9th death anniversary is being observed on Monday and a video has emerged on social media showing the pop legend doing his iconic ‘Moon Walk’ step for the first time in a live performance.

As per the video, MJ debuted the step in dramatic fashion when he was at the top of his career. In March of 1983, Mowtown Records filmed the 25th anniversary TV special featuring top artists from throughout the history.

When Mowtown called Jackson to invite the Jackson 5 to perform, he said Yes but on one condition- a solo performance at the end of the show.


Video Credits: Weird History

When the company said yes, little did they know that the performance MJ was planning, would make history.

After Jackson 5 performed, MJ started his iconic performance, sporting his now-iconic white glove for the first time, he started the killer rendition of ‘Billie Jean’. But the performance also included something the audience would later realise was a historic moment: the introduction of the moonwalk.

With just a minute left in the song, MJ defied physics-gliding backward while he appeared to be walking forward.

The performance since has been termed as a milestone in Michael’s career.

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