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Twitter reacts to Asif Ghafoor’s ‘positive image of Pakistan’ post

LAHORE: Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Director General Major General Asif Ghafoor on Monday asked the twitter users to post pictures about the positive image of Pakistan.

The DG ISPR wrote: “Dear all. Let’s have an activity. Post a pic projecting positive image of Pakistan here. Best 3 posts will get a prize. Request NO politics, No foreign enmity! Any negative post from anyone/ abroad be ignored. Starts now till 11:59 pm on night 30th Jun 18.”

The Pakistanis on Twitter reacted to it and posted several pictures showing a positive image of the country.

On user shared the pictures of Sikh community, celebrating Pakistan independence day. “Pakistan Independence day celebrations by our Sikh community”.

Another shared the photos of prominent women working in security forces in Pakistan and wrote: “A nation can’t rise to the height of glory unless women play their part and proudly Pakistani women are the reservoir of talent in the world”.

One shared the pictures of a welfare being run by a woman in Karachi.

Another shared a photo of a schoolgirl apparently completing her homework while her father is taking her to school on a bicycle.

One user shared the picture of a policeman who is collecting the Pakistani pennants from the ground.

One user shared the religious harmony picture in Pakistan and wrote: “An example of Religious unity in Pakistan We live by each other happiness We are like a body We feel the pain of each other We are a family We are Muslim and we are Pakistani”.

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