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White Lies

There’s a fine line between swanky and decadent.

The recent London birthday celebration (the big four-oh) held for the wife of a prominent close associate of Asif Zardari’s was firmly on one side of that fine line. Which one? Read on.

The guests were to be put up at the plush Westbury hotel and were provided transport to each venue of the festivities of the multiple-day fiesta. Although calling individual Rolls Royces “transport” would be a tad unfair.

The festivities involved going from one happening joint to another (see the accompanying photo of the card) and would have cost a pretty penny.

For contrast: Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto’s grand-daughter tied the knot recently. Sanam Bhutto’s daughter Azadeh got married in a simple, low-cost ceremony in a hall that was recreated out of an old church. Not much by way of bells and whistles but plenty of heart; all three of the late Benazir Bhutto’s children were present at the ceremony that had a guest list of 100 people.


Baba Rehmat has his fun recently with a cousin of Imran Khan’s, who is running the show at Peshawar’s Lady Reading Hospital.

The man had erected a wall behind the hospital which had irked the pharmacists and Baba Rehmat didn’t like that one bit. Why the wall, he thundered.
For security reasons, sir, came the reply.
You’re not a security man; you’re a doctor. Tear down this wall immediately.
Okay, we’ll do it in a couple of days.
No, thirty minutes. I’m off now; send me the photos of the demolished wall!