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PML-N fields candidates against Ch Nisar

–Sheikh Rasheed says Nisar will win polls as an independent candidate

RAWALPINDI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) has nominated candidates against its disgruntled leader Chaudry Nisar Ali Khan for the constituencies NA-59, NA-63, PP-10 and PP-12 on Sunday.

From NA-59 and PP-10, the PML-N issued party tickets to Raja Qamarul Islam while Mumtaz Khan has been fielded in NA-63. The party has given its go-ahead to Faisal Qayyum Malik for the PP-12 constituency.

Meanwhile, Chaudhry Sarfaraz Afzal, Raja Sarfraz Asghar and Zeeshan Siddiq Butt will contest for PML-N in PP-13, PP-20 and PP-19, respectively.

On Saturday, while addressing a press conference Chaudhry Nisar said that that he was not angry and had only differed from former prime minister Nawaz Sharif. “Someone says I am angry, but I am not. I have differed from [Nawaz],” he said, adding that he was affiliated with the PML-N workers and leaders.

“Had I revolted then I would have been more vocal,” the former interior minister said. “I may be wrong but I differed for the betterment of Nawaz Sharif,” he added.

He said that he has decided to speak of his differences with the former premier once the condition of Begum Kulsoom Nawaz improves.

“I am a human being and I can make mistakes but my intentions are true,” Nisar said. “I have 34 years of association with Nawaz Sharif and I gave him whatever suggestion was necessary,” he added.

He said that it was this time that his affiliation with Nawaz was affected and he would explain that later. “Being really honest requires a person to speak to his leader keeping ground realities in view.”

Nisar said that his political opponents would not be able to defeat him.

“My opponents are all those who hid behind Musharraf for eight years. Come and contest election from this constituency, but you won’t be able to defeat me,” he said.

“Last year, I received 138,000 votes. But this year, I will win by 172,000 votes,” the former interior minister predicted.

Nawaz was handcuffed and taken to prison and then exiled to Saudi Arabia. At that point, the PML-N won only 13 seats, one of which was won by me,” Nisar said. “I have no doubts that I will attain record success from here. I am not dependent on anyone’s ticket,” he added.

Relations between Nisar and PML-N have been tense lately. Reportedly, the senior leadership of PML-N had warned Nawaz against awarding him a ticket. Nisar was also asked to appear before the party’s parliamentary board awarding tickets

The ex-minister, however, deemed it insulting to have him appear for an interview or to even apply for a ticket.

“Since when do senior members of the party have to appear before a parliamentary board for party tickets?” he asked in the statement.

Reportedly, Nisar’s decision to contest the elections regardless of the party’s decision offended Nawaz, who is of the view that Nisar should not have announced he was running as an independent before the award of tickets and should have formally applied for a ticket.

Last Sunday, Nisar had come down hard on his party leadership while indirectly addressing former prime minister Nawaz Sharif.  “I ask the people from Jati Umrah not to ridicule themselves by staging such dramas and not to ridicule me either,” the minister said in a statement.

Prior to the latest episode of hostility, Nisar and PML-N leaders close to Sharif also exchanged harsh statements in public a few weeks back. Nisar received a major setback after not being included in the PML-N parliamentary board awarding tickets for the general elections. Just days later, adding insult to injury, Shehbaz likened Nisar to a child “who gets upset and we have to make him happy.”

Talking about Nisar’s decision to contest the elections as an independent candidate, Awami Muslim League (AML) Chairman Shiekh Rasheed predicted on Sunday that former Nisar will win the upcoming elections as an independent candidate.

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