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CJP blames administrative failure for cases backlog

  • Justice Nisar says judiciary won’t watch as a silent spectator while citizens are being deprived of their due rights
  • Visits Larkana hospital, chides admin over poor hygiene and lab conditions 

LARKANA: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) on Saturday vaguely held executive responsible for at least two million pending cases in all courts, saying the number of writs being lodged with the Supreme Court and high courts is a result of the administrative failure.

“Do you know why there’s so much backlog with the judiciary? For a moment forget about the ordinary litigation on the criminal and civil side. But are you aware of the ratio of public and administrative law litigations pending in the high court and Supreme Court,” the CJP said while speaking at a ceremony in Larkana on his visit to Sindh.

However, he, in the same breath, denied holding anyone responsible for this. “I am not blaming any political party or government, current or past, but such huge number of pending cases is a result of an administrative failure,” he said.

In an attempt to defend the right to take rampant suo motu notices, CJP Nisar said the judiciary won’t sit idle as a spectator while masses are being deprived of their rights.

“If nobody will stand for the protection of citizens’ rights, it does not mean that the judiciary will remain silent as well,” Justice Nisar said.

Expounding on the need for excessive suo motu notices, the CJP said the purpose behind the practice to make people aware of their rights and sensitise them.

Commenting on the relationship between the bar and the bench, Justice Nisar said, “The bar and bench cannot be separated.”

CJP visits Chandka hospital:

Separately, the CJP also visited Chandka Medical College and Hospital of Larkana, where he reviewed cleanliness facilities and infrastructure of the hospital.

Expressing displeasure over the poor hygiene and laboratory conditions, Justice Nisar rebuked the hospital admin and ordered the medical superintendent to ensure cleanliness in the hospital. He further directed the hospital staff to ensure better medical facilities and treatment for the patients.

The chief justice also paid the visits to Police Headquarters, sessions court and Sheikh Zayed Hospital in Larkana. At the sessions court, the top judge listened to the complainants and ordered the judges to ensure swift justice for the people. Sindh High Court (SHC) Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Shaikh was accompanying the chief justice during the visit.

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