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PTC clarifies social media message about campaign

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tobacco Company spokesperson clarified the content of a message that has become viral regarding an afforestation programme of CSR (corporate social responsibility), operated by the company.

According to the spokesperson, the company would like to bring on official record that the said message regarding afforestation programme has not been originated and circulated, directly or indirectly, with the authority of the company or by the persons mentioned in it.

The originator/author of this message is mistaken as the content of it is not entirely correct. “This is not a new campaign and is not marketing,” he added. PTC’s afforestation programme has been operational in Pakistan since 1981. More than 75 million saplings have been planted and distributed free of cost to date.

The company has four big nurseries – two in Islamabad, one in Swabi and one in Faisalabad. The company grows approximately 16 different forest and fruit species. This information is publicly available in the published annual reports, and is available on its website. “We take great pride in this project,” the PTC representative said.

According to him, anyone can collect these saplings from the nurseries free of cost after following a simple process which is to give their name, mention their profession, show their CNIC and what the purpose and plan of collecting these saplings is. PTC reserves the right to distribute to whoever it wants in line with the laws of the country.

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