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Sheeda rhymes with “banjar”

Sheikh Rasheed, of course, isn’t known for minding his language. The self-described “downtown man” claims to have his hand on the pulse of the people, which would be true, if “the people” all swore like sailors and didn’t know how to respect women.

Speaking on Roz TV, the man was asked a question on Reham Khan.

The house I live in (Laal Haveli) was the residence of a courtesan (tawa’if), he said. She was an absolute beauty, the likes of which I had not seen. She used to sit on her balcony, smoking her cigarettes, and used to drop some of them for me, much to the chagrin of the other, jealous boys.

Believe me, a thousand tawa’if like her would have more izzat than Reham Khan. When he (Imran Khan) had gotten married, I was horrified. What have you done, I had asked Imran Khan.

To reinforce his point, he pointed out his stint as information minister. The film industry was under that portfolio, he said. Believe me, “even those k**jars had principles.”

Someone should wash out this downtown man’s mouth off with soap.

On Twitter, when actress Armeena Rana Khan called out his behaviour and defended her industry, she was actually attacked by Sheikh Rasheed’s fanboys (brought over from the PTI) whose defence of their hero ranged from saying he had used bad language but his gist was right to a downright endorsement of his exact words.

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