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FIFA World Cup Anthem ft. QB takes Pakistan by storm

We have all heard Jason Derulo’s version of the FIFA World Cup 2018’s official anthem ‘Colors’ and fell in love with the catchy music, colours and the fun dance moves.

Pakistani pop sensation Quratulain Baloch has collaborated with American singer Jason Derulo for the Pakistani version of the official anthem.

Ever since the news of QB collaborating with Jason has been out, everyone has been going crazy. Moreover, the song also sends a great message across. The aim is to promote the concept of unity, as it explores the importance of celebration and coming together as a large community, despite all differences.

QB did a duet with Derulo with beautiful Urdu lyrics. The flag of Pakistan waives high and kids can be seen playing football on the streets of Karachi as we celebrate the arrival of football in Pakistan.

The song is full of colours and totally goes with the title. The song video is shot in Miami, Haiti, and Karachi exhibiting the cultural diversity and its surely a fun-filled anthem.

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