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Photos of Malala’s lifestyle at Oxford University

The lifestyle of Malala Yousafzai, who became a prominent figure after she was shot by Pakistani Taliban for advocating for girls’ education and also became the youngest ever Nobel prize winner, was revealed as she pursues her undergraduate studies at Oxford University in England.

She has played polo, enjoyed late-night takeaways, been elected to be in charge of college parties and has learnt how to dance to Beyoncé – with a friend saying she is ‘on the R&B vibe’.

Malala has even appeared in student YouTube videos. But her life as a normal student is restricted by two armed plain-clothed Metropolitan Police officers who guard her 24 hours a day, with one stationed in a room next to her in college.

Malala joins in a colourful Oxford University Hindu Society Holi celebration last month

A poster supporting Malala’s campaign to be put in charge of parties with her face superimposed multiple times on photographs of partying undergraduates

Malala, left, with fellow students

Malala’s campaign leaflet for the role of social secretary which puts her in charge of parties

Malala, right, is covered in paint after taking part in traditional Hindu Holi celebrations

Malala, centre, listens attentively to a speaker at an event at the Oxford Union in March

Malala, bottom left, with a collection of Oxford undergraduate friends after matriculating

Malala, centre, with Oxford student friends

Malala, second row far left, poses outside the Bodleian Library in Oxford after matriculating

Malala attends a dinner in college halls organised by the Oxford University Islamic Society

Malala with fellow diners at an event organised by the Oxford University Islamic Society

Malala enjoys a day of polo organised by the Oxford University Polo Club.

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