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Two men drown in Keenjhar Lake

THATTA: Two people drowned on Sunday in Karachi’s Keenjhar Lake also known as Kalri Lake, while they were on a leisurely trip to the city.

It was reported that the identities of the two men were not revealed; however, one was from Karachi while the other from Chitral.

Meanwhile, it was reported that this has become the second such incident after two men drowned at Karachi’s Hawkes Bay beach.

Earlier on Sunday, two young men drowned at Karachi’s Sandspit beach during a picnic.

According to police, the drowned were residents of North Nazimabad and were identified as Usama, 22, and Faraz, 19.

The two, along with five other friends, had gone to the beach to enjoy the second day of Eid-ul-Fitr.

After the drowning incident, rescue personnel reached the site to search for the bodies of the two unfortunate friends.

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