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‘Murderer’ of 18-year-old bus hostess held in Faisalabad

Police on Friday arrested the alleged murderer of an 18-year-old bus hostess from Faisalabad, a private media outlet reported.

The accused, Umer Daraz, a security guard employed at the same company that Mehwish Arshad previously worked at, wished to marry her, but she rejected the proposal, following which he shot her to death publicly five days ago.

According to reports, the suspect is currently in custody and is being interrogated.

On Thursday, a CCTV footage of the incident started making rounds on social and electronic media, which showed that Mehwish was approached by Umer when she was getting ready to go home from work. He cornered her on a stairwell in a street and held her at gunpoint. He was seen to have exchanged some words and manhandled her, right after which he opened fire, killing the young bus hostess instantly.

Mehwish was the sole breadwinner of her home after the death of her father.

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