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Teacher tortured to death over Rs40

KASUR: A school teacher was killed by a tea stall owner and his accomplices over a dispute arising over petty Rs40 in Kasur city.

According to reports, two school teachers, Shabbir Bhatti and Shafiq Dogar, went to Ansari tea stall located in old Larri Adda for having a cup of tea on Wednesday night. An employee of the hotel collected Rs40 from them as a bill for tea and when both the teachers were trying to leave, stall owner Latif stopped them and demanded the payment of two teacups.

The teachers told him that they had paid the amount. However, an exchange of hot words ensued following which the hotel owner gathered his relatives on the spot.  About 20 people tortured both Shabbir and Shafiq and both were shifted to DHQ hospital where Shabbir succumbed to his injuries.

The A-Division police registered the case and arrested the main accused, while raids were being conducted for the arrest of remaining accused.

The funeral prayer of Shabbir was offered in his native graveyard where all the teachers, students, lawyers and members of civil society participated.

It is pertinent to mention here that the tea stall was being run by gamblers and criminals who clashed with their customers on a daily basis and also tortured them with the help of their accomplices.

Waqas Ashraf

The writer is Pakistan Today's correspondent in Kasur.

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