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DRAP approves registration of 127 medicines

ISLAMABAD: The Drug Regulatory Authority of Pakistan (DRAP) recently registered 127 medicines, deferred 34 cases and rejected five applications during the 35th meeting of Enlistment Evaluation Committee (EEC), a local media outlet reported.

The spokesperson for Ministry of National Health Services Sajid Shah stated that the EEC meetings were being held on a weekly basis, adding that the rejected/deferred applications did not meet the criteria and the drug composition was wrong as well.

Moreover, product applications are also being processed on priority during the meetings.

According to a statement released, “Total 166 product enlistment applications of local manufacturers and importers were presented for consideration by the committee. Out of 166 applications, 106 applications of nutraceuticals and 21 applications of herbal/Unani were approved and 24 applications were deferred for fulfilment of prescribed criteria, 10 applications were deferred for product specific inspection (PSI), and five applications were rejected by the committee. Moreover, two cases for the enlistment of a local manufacturer and six cases of importers were also considered and approved.”

Those fulfilling prescribed criteria are placed before the EEC and if approved granted product enlistment accordingly.

DRAP said that it is the main priority of the Division is to provide safe, effective and quality herbal/Unani medicines with rational use at the patient doorstep.

Furthermore, strict action will be taken for those who manufacture substandard herbal medicines.

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