Actor-model Saheefa Jabbar opens up about depression battle | Pakistan Today

Actor-model Saheefa Jabbar opens up about depression battle

LAHORE: Actor and model Saheefa Jabbar has opened up about her battle with depression and said that modelling helped her deal with it.

“Modelling was my passion and when I started it, it helped me,” she said.

Talking to Pakistan Today on Wednesday, Saheefa said, “Everyone faces some kind of problem and so did I”, adding, “it is very difficult to admit that one is depressed.”

Opening up about her battle with depression, she said that her husband was very supportive throughout which made things easier for her. “I could easily share my thoughts with him,” she said.

The model further said, “In our society, there are a lot of stigmas unfairly attached to mental illnesses and that’s why so many people don’t speak about it.”

The actor further shared that there are so many people who have told her that “their parents, siblings or children do not understand them” and this makes the situation worse, the actor added.

Jabbar also explained that “religion makes a lot of things easier” but “professional help must also be sought”.

Jabbar asserted, “I want everyone to realise that depression is an illness, people with this problem want to be heard and accepted, and they do not want to hear that lack of spirituality is why this is happening.”

“Help must be extended to people with depression and the society must understand what depression is and take it seriously,” Saheefa said.

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