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Mahira, Meesha, Mawra, others demand ‘#JusticeForKhadija’

The Khadija Siddiqi case verdict was handed down yesterday and Twitter went berserk against the ruling which acquitted Shah Hussain.

Here is what the people had to say:

Mahira Khan said, “And if it is the game of power, then so be it because there is nothing more powerful than when people come together united for a cause against those in power. We are with you Khadija.”

Cynthia Ritchie said, “More political pathetic-ness. It’s time for a little house cleaning, which will prove to be for an interesting summer.”

Ali Gul Pir said, “Will put you in jail for double sawari but stab someone 23 times and you can go home with daddy.”

Mawra Hocane said, “Justice shall prevail. The Supreme Court’s decision will inshallah be Shah Hussain‘s worst nightmare!”

Hassan Niazi said, “I decided to give one of the many reasons why this acquittal is a shock. I’ve attached Punjab forensic report of the helmet recovered where Khadija was stabbed. It says that the blood on the helmet is of Khadija  and the DNA from swab inside it is of Shah Hussain.”

Hamza Ali Abbasi said, “I am hearing that attacker of who stabbed Khadija Siddiqui 24 times has been acquitted by Lahore High Court (LHC)? If this is true, then we must all unite, be Khadija’s voice and leave no stone unturned to get her justice against this barbarian!”

Meesha Shafi said, “We are with Khadija and Justice for Khadija.”

Jibran Nasir said, “Attacker of Khadija who stabbed her 24 times has been acquitted by LHC. Is this what our justice system has come down to. First under CJP Nisar’s general order security was withdrawn from and now her attacker has been set free. Shame.”

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