After ‘Chaiwala’, people are going crazy over this ‘Tarboozwala’ | Pakistan Today

After ‘Chaiwala’, people are going crazy over this ‘Tarboozwala’

Do you remember the time when the internet went crazy over the blue-eyed ‘Chaiwala’ aka Arshad Khan. His image went viral on social media after a photographer caught him in action doing his job.

Following that Chaiwala earned a lot of praise, media time and most of all, working opportunities.

But now, a new boy has caught the eyes of people on social media. He is the ‘Tarboozwala’ from Karachi.

A picture of him slicing watermelons with his endearing smile and hazel eyes has got us swooning over his looks.

From Instagram to Twitter, people are discussing how they’ve discovered another good looking man who is a hard worker as well.  However, further research proved that the Tarbooz Wala is not a fruit seller, but a doctor in the making. The name of the person is Muhammad Awais and he is currently studying at the Ziauddin Medical University in Karachi.

The internet mistook him for a fruit seller after his friends took a picture of him preparing Iftar with his friends.

But here is what Twitter has to say about the gorgeous ‘Dr Tarboozwala’:

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