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Pre-poll electoral process ‘unfair’, says PILDAT

The pre-poll electoral process, spanning over a period of a year starting from April 2017 up to March 2018, has been termed “unfair” by Pakistan Institute of Legislative Development and Transparency (PILDAT).

PILDAT carried out a “systematic and continuous” review of the pre-poll electoral process.

The PILDAT report expresses “deep concern” on prospects of free and fair election.

The report states: “with a little time left towards completion of the term of the 14th (current) National  Assembly of Pakistan after which the country undergoes the essential exercise of electing public representatives in Pakistan’s 11th General Election in 2018, the pre-poll fairness assessment by PILDAT paints a picture of deep concern on prospects of free and fair election.”

It also says that “based on the assessment of perception of fairness of the pre-electoral process, PILDAT believes that if the current trend of the perception of unfairness continues, the prospects for the fairness of remaining phases of the electoral process will also be jeopardised”.

Urging all the stakeholders to play their due role, the report states: “while an unfair pre-election process will have implications on the fairness of the electoral process, the coming General Election can still be held in a free and fair manner if the stakeholders influencing the level playing field realise the possible catastrophic outcome of a tempered election and step back from the brink.”

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