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Man cheats on wife, abandons her while performing Umrah

A video surfaced on social media of a woman narrating the story of a man who abandoned his wife in Madinah after he flew her out from Pakistan specifically for the holy purpose of performing Umrah together.

Having said that, the public breakdown of this lady was what caught the attention of people, who then took her to central authorities of the masjid. With no financial means to survive before her flight back to Pakistan several days later, her husband was still unmoved by her despair when he simply disappeared.

The entire incident is narrated by the woman who found her and it is the reason why infidelity is the worst kind of evil that still exists in our society. Not only that, keeping this scenario in mind it can be said that most women continue to suffer due to the inability to speak up against this in this day and age where we talk about standing up for ourselves and speaking against what’s wrong with the society.

When the woman was taken to the central authorities, they mocked her and told her that she was being a ‘drama queen’. The problem here is that the inadequate response that such women receive make them believe that they are flawed and moreover, get labelled as being paranoid.

The narrator highlighted the problem with our society when it comes to this issue, saying that the number of women being abandoned by their husbands has been increasing. Furthermore, the women should empower each other and encourage them to stand up for themselves when in any situation that demoralises them.

“If a man is going to treat you like that, then you have every right to leave him, divorce him and not blame yourself,” the narrator said in the video.

It’s time women take their space and start empowering each other. In this day and age, it is only okay to stand up what’s right and not be put down by people who in this case had the ‘audacity’ to blame the woman for reacting the way she did for her husband’s actions.

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