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Around 37, 000 ‘specially-abled students’ enroll in schools across KP

PESHAWAR: The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KP) annual statistical report of the government schools for 2017-18 stated that around 37,015 specially-abled students have enrolled in government schools in the province, however, around the same numbers of specially-abled students are currently out-of-schools across the province.

The report shows that Swat, which had been afflicted with militancy for years, tops the list with 3,372 specially-abled students (both male and female) who are enrolled in different government schools. It is followed by Mardan with 3,096 specially-abled students and Lower Dir with 2,790 specially-abled students enrolled in government schools.

Similarly, 1,939 specially-abled students are enrolled in Abbottabad, 848 in Bannu, 678 in Battagram, 1,675 in Bunner, 1,670 in Charsadda, 581 in Chitral, 917 in Dera Ismail Khan, 1,859 in Upper Dir, 1,034 in Hangu, 1,466 in Haripur, 1,013 in Karak, 1,025 in Kohat, 188 in Kohistan, 840 in Lakki Marwat, 1,369 in Malakand, 2,150 in Mansehra, 2,244 in Nowshera, 2,339 in Peshawar, 902 in Shangla, 2630 in Swabi, 225 in Tank and 165 in Torghar.

Of the total specially-abled children enrolled in schools, 15,851 boys and 8,357 girls are enrolled at the primary level. Moreover, 251 boys and 84 girls are enrolled in mosque schools. A further 1,347 boys and 643 girls are enrolled in middle schools, while 4,932 boys and 2,020 girls in high schools.

An additional 2,347 boys and 1,383 girls are enrolled in higher secondary schools.

According to the report, of in these students 440 (294 boys and 146 girls) students have complete visuals, 11,003 (6,599 boys and 4,404 girls) have partial visual impairment, 754 (478 boys and 276 girls) have full hearing, 3,079 (2,219 boys and 860 girls) have partial hearing impairment, 1,484 (921 boys and 563 girls) students have full speech capability, 5,997 (4,358 boys 1,639 girls) students with partial speech impairment, 3,332 (2,409 boys 923 girls) have hand or arm distillates, 5,828 (3928 boys and 1900 girls) students with leg or foot impairments and 5,098 (3322 boys and 1776 girls) students have mental or psychological handicaps.

According to out-of-school children survey by the K-P Elementary and Secondary Education Department, around 37,000 specially-abled students are out of schools across the province.

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