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MAC Cosmetics gets the ‘sehri/suhoor look’ all wrong

MAC Cosmetics Middle East apparently think people have time and the energy to get all glammed up during the suhoor/sehri time.

The make-up brand’s Middle East division posted a ‘Ramadan-themed tutorial video’ offering women makeup tips for the pre-dawn meal.

The video titled “Get Ready For Suhoor” was posted up on their YouTube channel late last week. The video features a makeup artist applying kohl, eyeshadow and mascara to a woman before she eats and this video was also shared on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

Naturally, after watching the video most of the social media users started doing what they do best. Taking Twitter by storm with the trolls. Many of them were not up for it, whereas some in the Middle East defended it because of the lavish suhoor/sehri parties that take place throughout the month.

Here are few that were shared:

MAC has removed the video from their Facebook and YouTube page but it still remains on their Instagram account.

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