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White Lies

His Khadimness was at a soon-to-be-inaugurated mega power plant recently, where he praised the progress of the said project and also how much money had been saved during the construction.

He spoke to those present in Urdu, then English. Amongst those in attendance was the German pointperson of Siemens, the company whose equipment was used at the plant. The CM spoke to him in fluent German. Also present were some Chinese officials who were seeing the project through; lo and behold, he spoke to them in Chinese.

When asked who is going to be inaugurating the project (since its operation is going to commence after the elections) he said he will, if the people vote for him.

Well, deflecting the machinations of the deep state might prove tougher than learning languages. Let’s see.


A scramble here for caretakers government’s cabinet, with many throwing their hats in the ring, despite neither the government nor the opposition having expressed interest.

Though the caretaker prime minister’s position might be the most prized one, it’s also the easiest. Because the real dirty job is that of the chief ministers, who have to head the law and order situation during the polls. Sore losers (whether or not they have a valid case) are going to lose no time in blaming the chief ministers.

It just might be clear by the time you see this in print, but some of the behind the scenes activities that took place in forming the caretaker governments are quite hilarious.