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Incoming chiefs

  • The N league freighter is doomed

As the country braces for the upcoming polls, speculations are rife as to who will be the flag-bearer on judgement day. 25th July set to be the day of reckoning, political pundits are pre-occupied with leaping on the battlefield. Each passing day witnesses politicians ship-jumping or, I’d rather say, abandoning a sinking one.

The N league freighter is doomed; no questioning that. It has collided with the biggest storms encountered till date and it seemingly is the point of no return for the party. To what extent, though, will be determined once the accountability court issues its verdict. Rest assured the stage, it appears, is all set for Imran Khan. But then again, this is Pakistan so, personally, I wouldn’t be too sure of the outcome.

This is the country that, democratically, elected Mr Zardari as its president. It wouldn’t take long to change the course of the tide and take the nation by surprise. Either way confidence is the key to success however, over-confidence might become the cause behind failure. PTI’s momentous claims of victory on Election Day have a history of their own. As much as PTI foresees its victory, they tend to overlook the obstacles they themselves face.

Conjectures being formed about a serious rift within the top leadership indeed have heavy legs to stand upon. One side is taking a stand on principle, whereas the other is concerned about its heavy investments into the party folds. Jehangir Tareen may have injected tremendous amounts within the veins of the party but stepping on the very principles the party was built upon is a cost even he won’t be able to bear.

This way Naeem ul Haq, in a rage of fury, might end up slapping the prime minister of India during a meeting, or anyone else annoying him. He even had the audacity to initially claim Imran’s praise for his unprincipled attack

As sources reported, Shah Mehmood Qureshi merely objected to disqualified leaders being part of the party’s decision making. Disqualified, by the very Supreme Court that sent Nawaz Sharif packing amidst tremendous celebratory uproar. Mr Tareen may not be able to digest the idea, personally, but he stands disqualified by the highest court of law. ‘Na-Ahal’ as the insaafians love to label. Strangely hypocritical when the party itself along with the media houses, out rightly biased towards them, fail to comprehend Jehangir Tareen being no different than Mian Nawaz Sharif. Being a party leader of PTI doesn’t give you immunity from being ‘Na-Ahal’.

If principles of democracy, equality and justice were considered cardinal to Mr Tareen and company, he would himself distance himself from the inner folds of the party. His outburst against Shah Mehmood Qureshi wasn’t a knee-jerk reaction but rather his guilty conscience communicating his internal insecurities.

It is preposterous that Mr Qureshi remains the only leader concerned about giving effect to the very fundamentals of righteousness and just virtues the party was first founded upon. Other leaders without so much as a hint of shame boast about the exponential amounts of money they have spent within the party. Just to be clear, the party wasn’t founded on anybody’s financial investment. Rather it, as claimed, stands upon cardinal principles of social justice and equality.

How else would the party be different than the Sharif clan if it were to defend the likes of Jehangir Tareen, who have been declared ‘Na-Ahal’ by the Supreme Court? The very court considered to be independent, bold and upright by PTI itself.

The hypocritical interpretation of both the judgements will hinder the party’s effectiveness in creating a distinction between themselves and others. With hopes of forming the government in the near future PTI needs to vindicate its stance on certain aspects. Is it going to accept the ideology of leaders standing upon grounds of probity and rectitude or does only money talk?

Jehangir Tareen may have worked hard for the party but he himself fatefully ended his parliamentary career by mis-declarations and failing to satisfy the apex court’s queries. Resignation from the party post was a commendable move, however, if he continues to be the driving force behind major decisions and continues to challenge other ‘democratically’ elected and ‘constitutionally’ qualified leaders of the party then it is in fact his attitude which might cost the party their image.

Let’s not forget it was Shah Mehmood Qureshi’s joining all those years ago which paved way for others and set the party’s popularity in motion. Only he was willing to turn down an awaiting cabinet post in the N league quarters and took the step towards Imran Khan. Shah Mehmood’s stride into the folds of PTI turned the wheel for future politicians to follow in his footsteps. Before the Ghotki public gathering not even a single important politician was willing to join the party. Mr Qureshi gained the moral high ground for having taken a principled stand on the Raymond Davis issue and refusing to sign a document that crippled the very essence of his moral beliefs.

Talk about image; a dangerous phenomenon is being witnessed with different events unfolding. One the one hand a disqualified individual is busy boasting about his wealth while on the other Imran’s right hand man cannot keep his hands to himself.

Naeem ul Haq’s slapping Daniyal Aziz is a highly despicable and disgraceful move which requires condemnation at the highest levels. Such unprofessional and jittery attitude is unwarranted and needs to be curtailed. Imran’s failure to condemn this act is reprehensible in itself. If Khan is to tolerate such short-tempered ‘educated illiterates’ in his party then he may have to undergo major fiascos in the future, especially if they are to form the government in August.

This way Naeem ul Haq, in a rage of fury, might end up slapping the prime minister of India during a meeting, or anyone else annoying him. He even had the audacity to initially claim Imran’s praise for his unprincipled attack on Daniyal though he retracted his claim in a subsequent video. Famous for his physical outbursts, Khan needs to reprimand this uncontrolled gentleman before he launches himself on an international leader and cause Pakistan international embarrassment.

The aforesaid is what PTI has to offer. Stand by for the incoming chiefs.