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Islamabad mayor fails to resolve issues related to water supply, public transport

— MCI and CDA should be under single command, says Mayor Anser Aziz

ISLAMABAD: In its two-year term, the Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) has little, short-lived successes to boast and has failed to resolve several issues of citizens pertaining to water supply, public transport, environmental protection, sanitation and sewerage disposal and maintenance and provision of amenities in old and new sectors.

In June 2016, an official order had been issued pertaining to 23 directorates of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) that were transferred completely to the MCI. These departments were given under Mayor Sheikh Anser Aziz’s administrative control.

Some of the departments that were transferred included Directorate of Health Services, Directorate of 1122, Directorate of Municipal Administration, Directorate of Sports and Culture, CDA Capital Hospital, CDA Model School, Directorate of Public Relation, Directorate of Security, Directorate of Bulk Water Management, Directorate of Water and Sewerage Development, Directorate of Water Supply, Directorate of Sewerage Treatment Plant, Directorate of MPO, Directorate of Environment and Directorate of Sanitation.

Rs10 billion was recently issued to MCI for stalled development projects such related to water supply and sanitation in the capital. National Accountability Bureau (NAB) Director General (DG) Irfan Mangi initiated an inquiry into the F-9 Metropolitan Club which was a Rs1.9 billion project.

Mayor Aziz said, “There are many examples in the past that CDA officers were locked, blackmailed, coerced by the Union.” While suggesting a solution, the mayor added, “CDA and MCI should be put under the command of one man.”

While explaining problems being faced by the MCI, the capital’s mayor also said, “Several MCI employees have gone to court over their transfers from CDA to MCI and at least 1,100 of them do not wish to join the MCI.”

“The matter has been pending before the court since two years now,” he added.

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