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Rahat Fateh Ali Khan wants peace between India and Pakistan

MUMBAI: Renowned singer Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, who has sung a rendition of Lata Mangeshkar’s Allah Tero Naam, says he prays for peace between India and Pakistan.

Rahat has joined hands with Kaushiki Chakraborty to recreate the song as a part of an India-Pakistan peace project. The song also has the original voice of Mahatma Gandhi in the background as he recites a speech on peace and tolerance.

The initiative is taken by The Fusion Project, an Oxford-based band of Western and Indian-classical musicians. “I selected this song because it gives me the message of peace. It gives a message of unity. Music to the recreated version has been given by one of my students from the Oxford University,” shared Rahat.

The singer continued, “When they played the song, I felt really nice. Peace between India and Pakistan is not just my wish. It is perhaps the wish of most of us. After all, we belong to a very similar culture.”

Earlier this year, Rahat faced backlash for singing the song titled Ishtehar, a soulful rendition for Indian film production Welcome To New York.

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