‘Over 3,000 Hazaras killed since Sept 11, 2011’: report | Pakistan Today

‘Over 3,000 Hazaras killed since Sept 11, 2011’: report

ISLAMABAD: According to official figures, over 3,000 Hazaras have been killed since September 11, 2011, while unofficial reports say that almost 4,000 Hazaras, mostly men, were killed during this time period, reported a local English newspaper.

Briefing the Senate Functional Committee on Human Rights on Wednesday lawyer and human rights activist Jalila Haider, the activist said that the committee should look into the plight of the Hazara community where over 10,000 Hazaras are living under constant threat with restricted rights of movement and expression.

The committee held the meeting for a briefing on the causes of recent attacks on the Hazara community and measures taken to ensure its safety.

Ms Haider further told the committee that over 90,000 Hazaras have migrated to other countries through fair means or foul, to live under worst conditions. “They must be brought back and rehabilitated,” she said.

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