'We will seal Sindh border if we are not provided water' - Pakistan Today

‘We will seal Sindh border if we are not provided water’

ISLAMABAD: PPP staged walk out from National Assembly (NA) Wednesday on non-provision of water to Sindh under Indus Water treaty 1991.

Speaking in the house opposition leader Syed Khurshid Shah said Sindh is facing grave water crisis. There is no water in Karachi. A human being can not remain alive without water. Punjab link canal be closed and water be supplied to Sindh. Sindh is becoming barren. Sindh has created Pakistan. Take the rulers out of darkness and bring them in this house. Quorum remains incomplete due to absence of treasury benches.

He held that minister is being slapped today. Respect to vote slogan is not correct. If we are not provided water we will seal Sindh border. We will do so to save Pakistan. We are fighting for the rights of Sindh.

PPP MNA Yousuf Talpur said we should be given water under 1991 Indus water treaty. We are demanding our right. PPP Hyderabad public meeting was a trailer. We want water. Even animals are not getting water in Sindh what to speak of human beings. Therefore, we stage walk out from the house.

When PPP walked out, Deputy Speaker Murtaza Javed Abbasi adjourned the session till Thursday morning.

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