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Visually-impaired people abruptly end sit-in at Kalma Chowk

LAHORE: The visually-impaired people disappeared mysteriously on Saturday night after staging a sit-in at Metro Bus Service near Kalma Chowk for over a week.

The metro bus authority and the City District Government expressed ignorance about them leaving the venue. The metro bus service resumed its operations fully on Sunday as it remained interrupted for over a week causing not only a nuisance to the commuters but also a huge financial loss to the government’s exchequer.

Earlier, a group of the protesters from different districts of Punjab had gathered outside the Lahore Press Club (LPC) on Saturday (May 12) and staged a sit-in for their rights. After few hours of the protest, when no authorities responded to their demands, they headed towards Kalma Chowk Bus Station of the metro, their favourite spot for the last few years.

The protesters continued staging a sit-in day and night for over a week. Their sit-in had disrupted the flow of the bus service and caused a massive nuisance to the thousands of commuters who used to travel throughout the city using the service.

The protesters described their demands as jobs to all the visually-impaired persons throughout the province, regularisation of those working on daily wages and raise in their salaries.

During initial days of their sit-in, different dignitaries and representatives of the government departments tried to conduct negotiations with them but they failed to convince the protesters. Later, the authorities gave up their efforts and left them wherever they were.

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