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Video: Domestic help tortured in Gujranwala for demanding wage

GUJRANWALA: A video of a landlord torturing his domestic help for demanding wage in Gujranwala is making rounds on social media.

In the video, the victim named Amjad can be seen hanging upside down suspended by his feet while another person grasps the rope which is holding him up.

Meanwhile, the accused, Rana Shafeeq, who is an influential person of the area beats the hanging Amjad with a stick repeatedly.

At first, the police did not take action as SHO Azeem Kahloon said that no one came forward to register the complaint with reference to the incident.


However, after the video of the incident started going viral on social media, the police arrested Rana Shafeeq and registered a case against him.

The reports also claimed that Shafeeq is a relative of Rana Nazeer, a politician who recently joined Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI). Amjad had been working at Shafeeq’s campsite for past eight months, where he used to feed the animals.

Amjad demanded wage from Shafeeq, upon which the accused tortured him, the media report said.

The incident took place at a campsite which is located in Nowshera Virka tehsil.

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