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PTM says TTP video a bid to malign Pashtun movement

–Video circulating on social media shows TTP commander expressing support for PTM

The Pashtun Tahafuz Movement (PTM) has rejected a video circulating on the social media in which a leader of the proscribed Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) is seen expressing the terror outfit’s support for the Pashtun rights movement, terming it a “failed propaganda launched by alien forces”.

Media reports on Monday linked PTM with the infamous terrorist organisation that has claimed responsibility for carrying out dozens of suicide attacks across the country. The shocking video showed TTP’s South Waziristan deputy chief Azmat Mehsud assuring “full support” to Manzoor Pashteen and PTM. Mehsud also praised the rights movement for criticising the armed forces over the issue of missing persons.

Rejecting the TTP’s “expression of support”, PTM leader Mohsin Dawar tweeted, “It appears as if the alien forces still believe that people are unaware of these propaganda techniques.”

He alleged that particular forces were using ‘good Taliban’ to give statements in PTM’s favour.

Meanwhile, the video also showed TTP’s Mehsud saying, “We are with you against these oppressors [armed forces]. Don’t get tricked or distracted now. We stand behind these friends [PTM] who are raising their voices for prisoners.”

Citing religious sayings, the commander of the banned terror outfit motivated the PTM to continue agitation. He said, “[Pashtun] movement deserves all the reward for raising their voice for our prisoners.”

It is being propagated by various social media accounts that the terror group is siding with the PTM for the release of missing persons that include some alleged TTP militants and facilitators.

“Azmat Mehsud owns his clansman Manzur Mehsud,” one social media user wrote.

PTM rose to prominence after the extrajudicial killing of Naqeebullah Mehsud in Karachi. The movement is accused by various circles of mainstream politics of being backed by foreign powers.

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