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Taste the world at ‘The Kitchen’


LAHORE: There’s a new eatery in Lahore, and it’s bringing a global menu to the playing field!

As someone who loves food – and is tired of ending up sampling the same menu over and over again, albeit in different places – finding myself at this mouth-watering establishment was a pure treat. The variety is unlike anything available in Lahore. In essence, The Kitchen specializes in unique tastes.

The place is part bistro, part patisserie and part boulangerie. Everything you eat is healthy, and everything you eat is different. And since there are too many options on the menu to talk about, I thought it would be better to highlight a few must haves.

Fuji Apple Salad

Made of imported red and green apple, this salad has a serious punch. The fresh spinach and a special homemade sauce make it taste almost magical. The salad game is strong with this one.

Lamb burger

If you are a fan of burgers then make sure you sink your teeth into this one-of-a-kind meat factory. The texture and smell on this dish will make you pause and thank God for food.

Tuscan Grilled Chicken Panini

A house special almond pesto makes this Panini stand out. The aroma and flavour hit you as soon as you take your first bite. The fresh pesto only adds to the overall mix with an unbeatable taste.

Spicy Reuban

If you are looking for authentic German food then look no further. The Spicy Reuban is a beautiful sandwich that takes a beefy experience to another level.

Rosemary Chicken Panini

It is the smell of this Panini that will make your heart happy. The rosemary lets you smell heaven before you taste it. This is one sandwich that has its own personality.


The only rice dish on the menu is Korean and anyone that’s interested in South East Asian cuisine has to try it. It comes with the Gochujang sauce, which the place has a Korean family make for them.

Any one of the artisan pizzas

This one I would probably dedicate to the vegetarians, although many good options are there for meat lovers as well. The dough is made of whole wheat and fused together with Bocconcini cheese for a medley of flavours. If you are health conscious but miss your pizzas then head over to the joint right now without feeling guilty! Pick up the Pollo Acadiano if you are looking for something so unique you’ll find it nowhere else in Pakistan.

The Kitchen is being run by two childhood friends, i.e. Adil Jahangir and Ali Waqas. Their eclectic menu is a labour of love took a year to finalise. “We spent 10 years throwing parties every weekend for fun where we would make a lot of food. Then we decided why not do this!” Adil said.

But something that was just for fun turned into a passion project for the duo. “We decided not to open it unless the menu was actually different from any run-of-the-mill eatery. We spent a year working on the menu. Before we got the restaurant space we actually got a production space. We asked people to come and eat with us. There was a ton of experimenting,” Adil added.

From more than 600 dishes, around 40 have made it to the menu. But the menu will keep evolving to offer something new to food lovers, so make sure you grab a bite before The Kitchen moves on to more flavourful pastures.

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