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PFA stops 283 unwell cooks from preparing food

LAHORE: The Punjab Food Authority (PFA) on Wednesday declared 283 food handlers ‘ill’ and stopped them from preparing food after the monthly medical screening reports were revealed.

According to a local media house, the medical screening reports were from April 15 to May 15. Following that, the report revealed that blood samples of 3,305 food handlers out of 3,588 were found cleared while 283 failed in the medical screening test.

Furthermore, of the 283 people, 58 were suffering from Hepatitis C virus, 45 from Hepatitis B, 47 from tuberculosis and 133 others from typhoid.

It was further reported by PFA spokesperson Qaiser Abbas that the laboratories were established for medical screening of the food handlers/workers. This is to ensure the safety of the food products as PFA would not allow sick workers in the industry and put at stake, the health of others.

The PFA spokesperson asked for the food authority to allocate medical funds for their workers for treatments.

Meanwhile, the authority has also issued an advisory for the people who are observing fasts, asking them to consume a fibre-rich diet and avoid oily food.

People can visit the recently launched PFA Nutrition Clinic for a diet plan.

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