Amin Hafeez just made a Chinese woman speak Urdu | Pakistan Today

Amin Hafeez just made a Chinese woman speak Urdu

A recent video of Amin Hafeez at the trial run of Lahore’s Orange Line Metro Train is going viral over the internet in which a Chinese woman explains ‘Pakistan-China friendship’ to the popular reporter in Urdu.

After Amin Hafeez handed over the mic, the Chinese woman said, “Bachpan se hum jantay hain Pakistan humara sub se acha dost hai. Islie hummay Pakistan kay logo ki khidmat karna pasand hai (since childhood, we knew that Pakistan was our best friend. This is why we love serving the people of Pakistan).”


The video becomes funny when Amin Hafeez asks the Chinese woman to chant the slogan ‘Pak Cheen Dosti Zindabad’ twice. She concludes, “Pakistan Zindabad.”

The reporter expressed his happiness at the trial run as another video showed him singing songs while traveling on the train.

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