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Ulema to defeat foreign agents in upcoming elections: Siraj ul Haq

KALAT: Jamaat-e-Islami Ameer Senator Siraj ul Haq has said that in the forthcoming elections, the custodians of the mosque will defeat the agents of London and Washington and enforce the blessed system of Khilafat in the country.

“If Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal comes to power in the Centre and the provinces, it will carry out true accountability,” said the JI chief while addressing a huge public meeting in Kalat district on Friday.

He further said that the MMA public meeting at Minar-e-Pakistan on May 13 would be the biggest gathering in the country’s history.

“Under the Islamic system of government, nobody will die of hunger, no child will remain illiterate, every sick person will get the medical facility and every young man will get a job,” Haq stated.

The JI chief said that the Islamic system was not the system given by any Maulvi or Pir, adding that the Islamic system meant the sovereignty of Allah Almighty and enforcement of the Shariah given by the Holy Prophet (PBUH).

“Under the Islamic system, all decisions will be made in accordance with the teachings of the Quran and the Ahadith of the Holy Prophet (PBUH),” he added.

He said that with the enforcement of the Islamic system, Pakistan would not need to seek loans, and would instead be in a position to advance loans to others.

Haq also said that the problems, including poverty, price spiral, unemployment and uncertainty, were all due to the corruption of the rulers.

He said that had a God-fearing leadership been in office, the chief justice of Pakistan would not have to visit hospitals to check the health system or take on pain to stop adulteration in milk and medicines.

The JI chief said that the MMA was pitted against the corrupt elite and those who were a saleable commodity. However, he said, that these people could not face the MMA.

He said that Balochistan was full of mineral resources but the massive unemployment and poverty in the province was only due to the corruption of the political leadership.

Taking over the podium, Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam-Fazl’s Maulana Abdul Ghafoor Haideri said, “The MMA’s opponents have the full support of the US and India while the MMA has the support of Allah Almighty.”

He was confident that the religious forces would defeat the agents of Washington and London.

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