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CJP holds Sindh govt responsible for Karachi’s pollution rise

KARACHI: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Mian Saqib Nisar on Thursday remarked that the Sindh government has put poor measures in place to control the pollution in Karachi.

The CJP observed this during the hearing of the petition that states that factories in the metropolitan city need cloud technology to keep a check on pollution caused by chemical waste and gas they release.

The chief justice also remarked that Karachi also faces a serious shortage of drinkable water, and informal settings in the city also increase the pollution.

“I will, however, ensure the provision of basic facilities and would fix things before the end of my term,” Justice Saqib Nisar assured, adding that he would not leave the country in a condition where even breathing becomes a problem.

The chief justice then adjourned the case for a month and directed the petitioner to meet Justice Munib Akhtar in Karachi.

In April, an order by Supreme Court spurred the government authorities to act to try to reduce levels of pollution, fearing they will face sanctions or court orders.

The orders were given during the hearing of a petition filed by a Karachi citizen, who challenged the government’s failure to control the pollution in the city.

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