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People decry lack of healthcare, educational facilities in Sindh: CM

–Shehbaz lays foundation stone of PFSA training laboratory, PAFDA Science Enclave

–Inaugurates new OPD, hepatitis filter clinic at DHQ hospital Nankana Sahib

LAHORE: Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Wednesday said that during his recent visit to Sindh, several people decried that there were no good hospitals, educational institutions and any infrastructure in the province.

“If an opportunity is accorded to us, Sindh and other provinces will also be developed like Punjab. We collectively have to make Pakistan stronger because it is beyond the capacity of any individual, institution or the party,” said the chief minister while adding that the collective vision of the country’s founding fathers had been left unfulfilled even after the passage of 70 years.

He said that all the stakeholders including judiciary, military and political leadership, people as well as the executive had to collectively achieve the goal of national development and prosperity because the country could never move forward without employing joint struggles.

Earlier, Shehbaz Sharif laid the foundation stones of Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority (PAFDA) Science Enclave project adjacent to Punjab Forensic Science Agency (PFSA) at Thokar Niaz Beg, as well as, that of a training laboratory of the PFSA.

Speaking to media representatives later, the chief minister said that an important step had been taken towards the conduction of criminal investigations on a scientific basis and the construction work of both the projects was being carried out at a fast pace.

He expressed the hope that the Punjab Agriculture, Food and Drug Authority Science Enclave would be operational during the early months of 2019, while the training lab project would be completed in November this year.

At the occasion, he said that PFSA was playing an important role in providing justice to the people and assistance was also being provided to other provinces. “Professional and technical support is also being provided to the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government for the establishment of a similar institution,” he informed and added that both the projects were being established through a law approved by the assembly.

He said the establishment of such institutions was a commendable step of the Punjab government, and observed that use of latest technology was important for the eradication of crimes, provision of justice and supply of quality medicines and food to the people.

Shehbaz said that barbarism and savagery were meted out with the daughters of Kasur and Mardan. “Had the PFSA not been there, an indefinite period of time would have been needed to trace the criminals. If we have traced the criminals responsible for barbarity with the daughters of the nation, the whole credit goes to this institution,” he added.

“The Pakistan Muslim League-N (PML-N) government established PFSA a few years ago and today it has emerged as the best institution of South Asia where cases from Pakistan and abroad are being referred to for investigation,” said the chief minister and added that at least Rs2 billion had been spent on both the projects so far.

“It is hoped that soon after the training lab is operational, tens of millions of rupees currently being spent on foreign training will be saved,” said Shehbaz and added that PFSA had become a renowned institution in the world, which was an achievement of the PML-N government.


Separately, Chief Minister Shehbaz inaugurated the new outdoor block and hepatitis filter clinic at DHQ Hospital Nankana Sahib.

He visited the physiotherapy centre and different wards of the hospital and inspected the medical facilities being provided to the patients.

Speaking at the occasion, the chief minister said that people had the priority-right over the resources and hospitals were being redone so that the poor and the rich could be treated equally in the same hospital.

He also said that the Punjab government had brought revolution in the health sector and the revolution would be extended to the entire country.

“Changes we brought in the public sector hospitals of Punjab are no less than a revolution. Best medical facilities and provision of free quality medicines have been ensured in government hospitals,” he said and added that DHQ Hospital Nankana Sahib had been reconstructed and now it was no less than any private sector-run institution.

He congratulated Health Minister Khawaja Imran Nazir and his team for the achievement and said that a new world of facilities had been arranged at the hospital.

“Earlier, when I visited this hospital, there was nothing except pain and misery, but I am happy to witness best medical facilities being provided to the people now,” said the chief minister.

He said the government had done away with the outdated and corrupt system of the past and no one would force the patients to arrange their CT scan tests from outside the hospital anymore. “An effective waste management system has also been adopted for the hospitals and French made incinerators have been installed while these plants are being procured from the UK as well,” he added.

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