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White Lies

“Let me assure you, this, like any story worth telling, is all about a girl…”

Spiderman (2000)

Is the story of Bukhari’s accident worth telling, then?

A cottage industry, of sorts, of the rumour mills revolving around the terrible injuries sustained by lawyer Naeem Bukhari in London. How about a guided tour? He simply fell down is the official line, of course. Then, there is the entire spectrum of theories that calls out this official line. The injuries, argue these folk, are inconsistent with that explanation.

They say that Bukhari, ever the Ravian cad that he is, flirted with a young lady, whose brother(s) and significant other were around. They treated the fellow to a knuckle sandwich or seventeen. Though the injuries suggest trauma caused by contact with blunt objects. Yes, the boys had rods, says this lot.

Then there is the lot that says there was no lady involved. That Bukhari, being the  androon L’hori boy that he is, got into an altercation with some fellow at the station.

Then there is the explanation saying that the official line was correct, but that the fellow was “happy” at the time. Though this “happiness” figures in the other explanations as well.

Then, him being a member of the PTI, is the other-party line. They say that the Noon’s Goons had Gullu Butted him. In London. This theory is so outlandish that the man himself has been at pains to reject it. “I fainted and suffered a collapse at an underground station in London,” Bokhari told media persons on Saturday.

“My wife and daughter were with me when I fell flat on my face and suffered injuries,” he said, adding that there was no truth on propaganda being done on social media.

In any case, he was supposed to attend a fundraising function for the Namal varsity, which he couldn’t, eventually.